The Depth Of Field effect simulates a camera that’s focusing at one depth (focal plane) in a 3D scene, blurring objects at other depths. This effect uses the depth information from the auxiliary channel of an imported file representing a 3D scene. To use the depth information that After Effects calculates for a camera layer, see Create a camera layer and change camera settings.

This effect works with 8-bpc, 16-bpc, and 32-bpc color.


Focal Plane 
The distance along the z axis of the focal plane from the camera.

To show the depth of an object in the Info panel, click the object in the Composition panel or Layer panel using the Selection tool while the effect is selected.

Maximum Radius 
How much blur is applied to objects outside the focal plane.
Focal Plane Thickness 
Determines what depths are in focus on either side of the focal plane.;
Focal Bias 
The higher the value, the more quickly elements drop out of focus with increasing distance from the focal plane.



Dave Scotland provides a video tutorial on the CG Swot website in which he shows how to use the Depth Of Field effect, even with a 3D file that has been rendered without optimal depth settings.



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