Expressions are quick scripts that can affect modify input values, from the expression itself or another object in AE, and then apply them to a specific Layer property. Expressions can be static throughout time or dynamicly changing as time progresses.

Adding an ExpressionEdit

To Activate an expression:

  1. Select and expand the layer target layer's properties
  2. Locate a specific property, for example, scale
  3. hold down ALT and left click the little stopwatch near the property
  4. (notice the text box that appears where keyframes should go?)
  5. Activate Expression01
  6. you can delete the default text and substitute a value of your own. 50 for example.

Try the following expressions

[50, 50]
[50+10, 50-10]

[50, x]
[x+y, x-y]
[random(1, 100), 100]
  • remember text values need "text" with quotations, while numeric values need numbers, Also if a property has 2 values, your expression should return 2 values as well.

Inputing Data from Other SourcesEdit

When using expressions you can use the data from another property or even another layer.


  1. Using the steps above, activate the expression on a Layer's Opacity property.
  2. Now, Locate the little spiral button in the expression
  3. Pickwhip Expression01
  4. scrub the timeline to see the effect over time

Advanced ExpressionsEdit

  1. To see more expressions you can use the built-in library to help you pick and choose your expression.
  2. Locate the little arrow button just to the right of the pickwhip button mentioned above
  3. Library Expression01
  4. Help->Expression Reference... ...for specific detail on what each expression does.


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