After EffectsEdit

What is After Effects ?Edit

After Effects or AE is a video editing, compositing and effects suit which can be used in film, video, DVD, Blue-ray, web, games, and mobile devices. The application is extremely flexible, allowing users and companies alike to customize the application for a wide variety or purposes.

How Do I get it?Edit

You can purchase After Effects as a stand alone application or as part of a creative suite which Adobe offers.

What can it do?Edit


After Effects can be used to edit footage, sound, or still graphics in a complex system of layers. It is not the ideal program for editing since it has limited real-time interactivity. Although many other Editing programs are better for putting assets on a timeline, AE can be used. AE does offer more creaive freedom when it comes to transition,


AE can layer 3d renders or real footage in which footage alpha layers or color channels (like a green screen) can be used as a chroma key. Once After Effects separates an alpha channel, layers can be stacked and combined to for a new peice of footage.


Many users are familiar with Adobe's Flash for animation but not many know that AE is the tool of choice when it comes to compiling animation assets (2d or 3d) and animating them.

Motion GraphicsEdit

Motion Graphics, or Mo-graph are the screen graphics you see in movies and TV every day. All the moving graphics in movie titles or in sports are prime examples of Motion Graphics.


AE offers a large variety of Effects which can be used to enhance footage or create new assets. Effects range from image warping to particles and color correction.

Post ProductionEdit

Some AE Effects and Plugins can be used for color grading, image treatment, and more. What was once the job of a highly skilled color expert is now at your fingertips.

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