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Javascript is the scripting language used by After Effects for accessing many of the applications features.

Programming References[]

Using Javascript for Adobe After Effects[]

Javascript can be used in variety of ways.

  • Script files put in the *\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\Scripts folder will appear in File>Scripts Menu within AE.
  • Script files residing in the *\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\Scripts\Startup folder will be executed at when AE starts.
  • Script files can also be run when shutting down AE when placed in *\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\Scripts\Shutdown.
  • Properly written script files located in *\Adobe After Effects CS4\Support Files\Scripts\\ScriptUI Panels folder will appear as a panel option in the Window menu item of AE.
  • Script files can be loaded manually via File>Scripts>Run Script File.
  • Scritps can be run from Adobe's Scripting Editor.
  • Some scripts can also be run from an expressions field.