Jobs for Motion Graphics ArtistEdit


AWN, Animation World Network is a place where professionals and students alike get together for commercial and indie projects. The site is a home and center for motion graphics, animation, and gaming industries around the world. An excellent place to find a job or build your portfolio.

Creative CowEdit

Creative Cow is the center of everything motion graphics! There is a section on the site used to post job offers for Mo-Graph artist. Visit this site once or twice a day, minimum.


[1] This site has job postings and forums for mograph artists. This site is great for individuals looking to better their careers or break out into a new one.

Networking and Extended EducationEdit

Creative CowEdit

Creative Cow also offers resources for meetings and workshops. Did I mention you should visit this site twice a day?


ASIFA Hollywood is a place where animation professionals get together to celebrate the animation industry's past, presents and future. Individuals can join for a fee and get access to workshops and evens real Hollywood professionals attend.


Motion Graphics Degree  - includes animation for advertising and special effects for film and music videos.

American Film InstituteEdit

  • AFI is one of the better education and networking institutions


Career Pay EstimationEdit

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