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*[[Graphic Libraries]]
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A plug-in is a software component that can be added to After Effects to provide more functionality to the application. Although many plug-ins are created and supplied by 3rd party companies, not all of them cost money. A plug-in can also be referred to as an add-on or an extension and can be confused with Presets, Motion Graphic Libraries or even Scripts.

Current plug-ins for After Effects

Plug-in Price Version Company Description




Andrew Davidson Allows you to create and animate cosmic recursive flame fractals.

Pro Import AE

~$500 7+ Automatic Duck Allows you to import AAF and OMF compositions from Avid editing systems and XML files from Final Cut Pro.

Avidion Synchronize

~$100 7- Avidion Media Synchronize your keyframes and layer positions to sound!
Real3D Professional ~$100 * Avidion Media Bend, Twist, and Wrap your layers and masks in 3D space and more.
Motion Grabber free * Avidion Media Helps perform hard motion tracking
BLUE ~$600 * Boris FX real-time processing of 2D and 3D effects as well as real-time playback of video and audio media. BORIS BLUE offers plugin integration within Windows based Adobe After Effects, and it can be used as a standalone 3D compositor for Windows XP.
RED ~1000 * Boris FX 3D compositing, titling and effects application for After Effects. It combines advanced compositing, vector titling, paint, robust 3D creation and animation plus the industry leading DVE. It includes all the Graffiti and FX features then adds features, including stand alone rendering
FX ~$300 * Boris FX keying and color correction, compositing, DVE, vector paint, motion tracking
Graffiti ~$300 * Boris FX vector-based titler that creates 2D and 3D title animation over timeline video without importing and exporting. Comes with hundreds of preset effects.
Title Toolkit ~$300 * Boris FX vector-based titler that creates 2D and 3D title animation over timeline video without importing and exporting. Comes with hundreds of preset effects.
XML Transfer ~$300 * Boris FX designed for seamless transfer of Apple Final Cut Pro program sequences to Adobe After Effects. Boris XML Transfer preserves all aspects of a Final Cut Pro project including effects, audio, media clips, transitions, and geometric transformations.
Continuum Complete ~$1000 * Boris FX nearly 200 native filters and transitions that are applied and animated in the native After Effects interface. Filters include keying, compositing, image processing, distortion, lighting, temporal effects and motion tracking.
Final Effects Complete ~$900 * Boris FX graceful blurs and edges to radical warps and particle generators
Cycore Systems
Darkling Simulations
Diaquest, Inc.
Digital Anarchy
Digital Film Tools
The Foundry
Gridiron Software
Insider Software Inc.
Noise Industries
Panopticum LLC
Pixelan Software
Red Giant Software
RE:Vision Effects, Inc.
Sakurai Optical Lab
SilhouetteFX, LLC
Ultimatte Corporation
Vivid Visual Effects Co.
Zaxwerks, Inc.

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